Our principles

The next principle upon which Ayla Health is built is ‘Aim for Skills & Confidence’.

So much of our ability to feed ourselves rests on our skills and confidence in the kitchen. If you hate cooking or feel this is you, don’t be disheartened. You can learn these skills!

We like to encourage our members to take a growth mindset to their health.

A growth mindset means that if someone feels like they’re not currently a good cook, then they believe that with practice and support they can get better at cooking.

A fixed mindset believes that ‘I am not a good cook and hate cooking and I will always be this way’.

You don’t need to be someone who’s into MasterChef or fancy food prep to have the skills to feed yourself well. Some people enjoy food prep as a hobby and it just so happens that this hobby serves them well for their regular food intake. If you don’t like cooking, just see it as an important skill to build that helps you do life well. Just like learning to manage a home budget when you have your first mortgage, building management skills when you lead your first team at work, parenting skills when you have kids…

We’re creating a suite of skills-based modules in our program, so that you can feel confident when you step into the kitchen and make yourself something to eat!

If you want to learn more about our approach, book a free 15 minute session with Kate Freeman!