We’re all about helping people who struggle with their eating habits to gain confidence, feel great, and live their best lives – for good. We take a different approach from other online programs that just give you a meal plan or tell you what foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

We teach one nutrition principle at a time, and help you make it a part of your daily routine. No unrealistic expectations or overnight transformations here! Just real, sustainable change that lasts a lifetime.

Founded by Kate freeman

Kate Freeman is a registered nutritionist and after years of working with individuals discovered that confusion and overwhelm were two major barriers to people achieving their goals.

She decided to build a platform to build confidence in her clients, one habit at a time and and directly link their learning with practical action!

Our Core Principles:

Health First Nutrition

Our focus is on your long term health and not on weight loss.

The pursuit of weight loss does not lead to improved health outcomes. Focusing on consistent health behaviours does.

We see weight loss as a potential side effect of healthy changes, not the end goal.

Intuitive Eating

A diet or meal plan tells you what to eat via external factors and doesn’t take into consideration your individual needs.

Intuitive eating tells you what to eat by internal factors – you body is telling you what you need if you can learn to listen to it.

We’ll teach you how to trust and listen to your body again.

Feel Good Food

If you’ve tried ‘all the diets’ and still can’t get your nutrition right, we understand.

You will not be left hungry, deprived or stressed by the food rules in our program.

Nourishment and enjoyment is the goal.

Guiding Principles

We understand that people just want two things:

  • To feel confident that they’re looking after their long term health.
  • To feel happy with their food choices.

There are no rules to follow, just guiding principles do you can make the right choices for you!

No quick fixes

This is not an 8 week challenge. You will not find a 7 day detox.

We’re interested in your feeling confident and happy with your food choices in 20+ years time!

Health is a journey, not a destination, so buckle in for the long haul!

Healthy eating is a skill

The ability to plan, shop, store, prepare, cook and build balanced meals and snacks is a skill.

Like any skill you have to learn, develop and practice it.

Our program will teach you these skills so you can make healthy eating part of your daily life.

Get off the diet cycle

We completely understand the allure and appeal of dieting.

Our culture glorifies thin, small bodies at all costs. Even some health professionals will happily put you on an 800 calorie diet or a shake program. Once you lose weight on these protocols, then what? You still need to learn how to eat well in our current food environment. We think you may as well skip the pain of that awful diet and get straight to learning.