About Ayla Health

The Ayla Health program is for anyone who:

  • knows what healthy eating is, but just doesn’t do it!
  • is confused about what healthy eating is, so doesn’t make long term changes.
  • has dieted so much that they don’t know what normal healthy eating is anymore.
Ayla Health is all about LONG TERM healthy eating! There are no detoxes or 8 week challenges or regimes/protocols to follow.

We are not a wagon that you can fall off and have to get back on.

We help people maximize their long term healthy through:
  1. building self-efficacy (the ability to produce a desired or intended result) to feed themselves,
  2. autonomy (the right of self government) in making the food choices that are right for them, and
  3. practical skills that enable them to plan, shop, prepare, cook and choose food for themselves.

Our principles

The first principle that the Ayla Health program is built on is: Listen to Your Body.

Our body can tell us when we’re hungry. When we’re full. When we’re tired. When we’re thirsty. It’s sending us messages all the time. And we can use these messages to help us make a food choice.

This is something that can be difficult to do, especially if you’ve outsourced your food decisions to a diet for most of your life OR you feel like you can’t trust yourself because your body wants ‘bad’ food. Also, busy lives and lots of distractions mean we can easily ignore hunger/fulness/sleepiness cues!

We so understand, which is why we want to help our members feel like they can trust their body again!

This principle is weaved through our whole program, so the nutrition advice is never a rule, it’s a guideline that you implement, in the context of what you feel YOUR body needs!

Stay tuned for more of our principles!

Want to learn more about listening to your body? We can help.