You’ve probably tried most mainstream programs to lose weight.

And you’ve yo-yo’d on and off them for most of your adult life. Lose the weight. Put the weight back on. Lose the weight. Put the weight back on.

As a result, your weight and your food intake is a constant source of stress and anxiety. Losing weight makes you feel great, but the mental load of following a specific program has become too much within your busy lifestyle. It’s difficult to maintain. Plus, you love good food and good wine. Most programs you start these days you don’t finish. It’s all too hard.

There is no motivation left.

Despite the fact that you don’t feel motivated any more to change your eating habits, you’re still constantly plagued by the thought that your body weight is not good enough and that because you can’t seem to maintain a lower weight long term you feel like a failure.

When you look at other people, you’re frustrated by the fact that they seem to eat whatever they want and not put on weight. You, on the other hand, feel like all you have to do is look at food and your weight increases. It’s not fair.

Recently you’ve decided that you can’t be bothered trying any more. What’s the point?

What can you do about it?

If you’re keen to find a more realistic and sustainable way to eat well and are prepared to take it slow and steady, then we’ve got your back!

Our Program focuses you on one habit at a time and has a killer food organisation tool so you can make healthy and realistic changes that suit your life!