Over the years, you’ve been able to lose weight successfully. Or you’ve tried to!

You’ve done it, however, using drastic and restrictive diets.

As a result, you believe that health is only achievable if you greatly reduce your food intake across the day and stick to it long enough. So that’s the approach you’re constantly trying. And the reason you’re trying this is because you think you eat too much!

Unfortunately, each time you stick to another restrictive diet, its difficult to maintain. The drastic measures it requires aren’t sustainable long term. You’re tired and hungry. You miss eating food. You miss socialising.

Once the diet is over (or you break it), the flood gates open and you’re eating everything in sight – oh how you missed this delicious food!

Frustratingly, however, you find yourself regularly over-eating and find it difficult to stop. If you lost weight using the restrictive diet, you’re now finding that it’s coming back on!

Despite it all you don’t want to give up

Every few weeks (or even every Monday) you start a new drastic diet. A cleanse. Keto. Shakes. You cut right back on portion sizes. You try fasting.

While you’re on the diet, things are fine, you’re getting results, but the results don’t last long.

A holiday, a weekend away with friends, a stressful week at work are just some of the life events that frequently derail you and you find yourself stress eating, overeating at meal times (especially the evening) and sometimes binging and feeling like you can’t stop.

Lately, you’ve been finding that you can only restrict during the day, finding yourself hungry and prone to overeating at dinner! It’s now a daily cycle!

Ah the frustration!

What can you do about it?

If you’re keen to get off the restriction/binge rollercoaster, please know that there is another way. And that way is adequately nourishing your body, learning to listen to it, working on building your self-esteem and body image and ditching the food rules!

Our Program focusses you on including more foods in your diet, not cutting them out.

Feel full and satisfied so you can stay consistent long term. You don’t have to starve yourself to be healthy!