If dieting were a fashion trend you’re always dressed in the latest style.

No matter how crazy, restrictive or ‘out-there’ it is, you’re keen to give it a crack.

The allure of these programs is hard to resist. The promise of rapid results, the good looking testimonials and the Instagram feed of pretty, slim looking people are pretty convincing. Combine good marketing with your current dissatisfaction with your body and it’s the driving force that keeps bringing you back to try the next shiny new diet that hits the market. Maybe you too can finally feel happy with your body like these people do. So you sign up again.

The first few days, even weeks of a new diet tend to go ok.

You’re high on motivation and research tells us that when the novelty of a new diet is high, it’s easier to stick to. But, alas, the novelty and the motivation rarely lasts. After awhile the food gets boring, the diet doesn’t fit with your social life, you feel deprived and even though you’re getting results, you’re tired of eating like this. Surely you deserve a treat?

And just like that the diet is broken. “F#$k it!” you say to yourself, “I’ll just stop the diet and start again next week”.

But as you start a diet, break a diet, start a diet, break a diet, you find that weight loss (the very thing you wanted) alludes you. You’re frustrated that you can’t find anything that works long term. Maybe you just haven’t found the right diet for you?

What can you do about it?

Maybe it’s time you tried a different approach? Stop pursuing weight loss!

Weight loss is out of your direct control. Yes! You heard me. You cannot directly control your weight!

The good news is, you don’t need to lose weight or change the size of your body for it to be healthy. The science actually tells us that is is consistent health behaviours that promote long term health, not weight. It’s just that people often do healthy things to lose weight and the weight loss takes the credit for the health improvements, not the behaviours! 

In order for something to be consistent you need to repeat the behaviour daily and for you to do that, you need to develop habits, behaviours and routines that make achieving good dietary quality a reality in your day-to-day life.

Our Online Program is specially designed to build lasting habits.

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