Our principles

The final principle upon which Ayla Health is built is: ‘Stop Crash Dieting’.

This principle is really more like a strong recommendation!

Over the years, Ayla Health CEO Kate Freeman has talked to people about her approach to nutrition and they love it, but with a catch. They say things like:

“I love this approach. So sensible and makes a lot of sense. But I’m just going to go over here and do this diet for the next 12 weeks to lose weight, then I’ll come back to taking a more long term approach to maintain my weight.”

Hmmmm… How do we say this? It doesn’t work like that.

The very nature of putting yourself on a strict diet, to ‘lose the weight’ over a set period of time, generally means that you’ll either fail to stick to the strict program (because many people can’t) or if you do manage to stick to it, you’re highly likely to flip to the other extreme once it’s done. It’s hard to find the middle ground if you’re always flipping from one extreme to the other.

You should start as you intend to finish.

If you want to finish with a balanced, healthy relationship with food and your body, with food freedom and consistency, then you should start that way.

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