Our principles

The fourth principle upon which Ayla Health is built is ‘No Food Rules’.

This is based on the perspective that we see our members as adults. Wonderfully capable, amazing adults who manage a LOT of challenges each and every day, who have the capacity to make food choices that are right for themselves, and feed themselves!

As such, within the Ayla Health program we’re not giving you a set of rules or meal plans to blindly follow.

Instead, we will teach you GOOD QUALITY nutrition information, teach you SKILLS for cooking, shopping, prepping, listening to your body, and more! We also guide you through the psychology of behaviour change so that YOU can take command of your own health and then set you free to eat what you want!

This concept can feel difficult to grasp when you’ve been used to programs and health professionals just telling you what to do. Don’t worry, we understand.

When you start to embrace the other program principles that we’ve been sharing, you’ll find that this one starts to make much more sense.

Just know that setting food rules is an inferior way to change your eating habits and it won’t serve you well long term.

If you want to learn more about our approach, book a free 15 minute session with Kate Freeman!