Do you still want to be struggling with the same nutritional issues that you struggle with now?

On the diet: Restriction. Boredom. Misery. Social isolation.

Off the diet: Binges. Food guilt. Feeling out of control. Frustration.

Round and round you go. On the diet. Off the diet. On the diet. Off the diet. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel in control? To be consistent with your eating every day. To not feel guilty when eating something that wasn’t considered healthy!

It is possible! But it requires a commitment to thinking about food and your nutrition in a different way.

You don’t need to have the perfect diet to be healthy long term.

You don’t have to overhaul your entire eating pattern all in one go to be successful. And you don’t need to engage in drastic, restrictive based eating practices (like fasting, keto and detoxes) to get the health you so desire!

Healthy eating is choosing to implement key nutritional principles into your daily life and learning how to make them enjoyable, realistic and sustainable. More than just WHAT you eat, healthy eating is also about WHY and HOW you eat. It’s learning to listen to your body, understand what it’s telling you and then with good nutrition knowledge and structure under your belt make a choice about what you will eat.

Only then can these food choices start to become habits and the way you live your life day to day. No rules. Just choices. Rules are for breaking. Choices are for making.

When given the opportunity to make choices, rather than blindly following rules, you start to take responsibility for what goes into your mouth and true change starts to take place!

This is what we are passionate about!

We guide you through building the right nutrition knowledge. From understanding your body and how it works, to navigating all the aspects of WHAT, WHY and HOW you eat. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!

It’s getting to the guts of your daily eating habits and helping you stay consistent with the aspects of your nutrition that truly matter!

Don’t spend another one of your years spiralling on and off another fad diet.

It’s time to nip the cycle in the bud. It’s time to actually be a habit builder, not a crash dieter. If you genuinely don’t want to still be on a diet in 20 years time, then our program is your ticket off the diet train.

Here’s how we help you change your habits:

  • We use an education concept call ‘flip-learning’ which teaches you nutrition in small, achievable chunks.
  • Our nutrition learning is what’s known as procedural information, which actually helps you implement what you’re learning, as opposed to decorative information which just tells you info without how to apply it.
  • We get you to focus on one habit at a time, so you can give the habit the attention it deserves, without overwhelming yourself by trying to change everything all at once.
  • We provide you with high level support, through Live Chat and one-on-one Video Sessions to keep you motivated and accountable the whole way through.

If you want to say goodbye to food stress then we’re ready to support you.