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Do you feel like your snacking habits let you down? Do you try to avoid it as a result? Maybe you’re unsure about whether snacking is good for you or not? Never fear! Habit building for healthy snacking is here! The term ‘snacking’ is used to describe food habits in between mealtimes or to describe an entire eating pattern, like grazing and eating small amounts of food regularly throughout the day.  In this module we delve into the world of snacks and how you can get back in command! You’ll start to discover the main reasons why you might snack and look for food in-between meals and learn strategies for making consistent healthy food choices that are right for you.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the main reasons why you snack and what you choose to snack on
  • Understand the key strategies for changing these behaviours
  • Get awareness over your current snacking habits and build a foundation for long term change