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It’s unrealistic of us (and you) to expect you to adopt a completely new set of meals and recipes, now that you are changing your eating habits. It’s always good to try new things and you should definitely throw a few new recipes in each week, however, it’s the little tweaks that you make to your tried and true, ‘my-mum-gave-me-this-recipe’ or ‘I-make-this-when-I’m-feeling-lazy’ meals that really makes the difference. These meals are familiar to us, easy to pull together and we know that we’ll enjoy eating them. Making small, healthy tweaks to these meals, is where the magic happens and a key part of how you achieve consistency. This module is all about how to adjust your favourite meals and recipes to fit the plate model. Do this and healthy eating principles become part of your life.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to apply the plate model principles to all types of meals.
  • Learn how to be flexible with your meals when you need to be.
  • Learn how to specifically improve meals such as sandwiches, curries and pasta dishes