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This module on social eating focuses on the impact of social situations on our food choices and overall health. It covers topics such as the benefits and drawbacks of social eating, the impact of modelling on our food choices, and how to navigate social eating situations in a healthy way.

The module provides practical tips for managing social eating, such as examining the impact of social situations on your diet and health, not striving for perfection, and planning ahead. It also provides guidance on increasing nutrient density and decreasing energy density when eating socially.

Overall, this course aims to help individuals make informed decisions about their food choices when eating socially, and to develop healthy habits and routines that can be sustained over the long term.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Understand that social influences on eating are powerful
  • Understand that social eating norms can be targeted to encourage healthier eating
  • Understanding that eating foods with other people is a key part of our mental and physical wellbeing and doesn’t need to be avoided.