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This module is designed to help you understand emotional eating and develop strategies to manage it. You’ll learn about the emotional aspects of eating, how to identify emotional eating triggers, and the negative consequences of emotional eating on your physical and mental health.

The module will also cover the ineffective nature of strict diets in reducing emotional eating and provide you with practical tools for managing your food choices, such as mindful eating and tuning into your body’s signals. You’ll learn how to rebuild a trusting relationship with your body and gain control over your food choices. Ultimately, this module will help you achieve a healthier relationship with food and improve your overall well-being.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Emotional eating or eating in response to emotions (positive or negative) is common.
  • Emotional eating may increase your risk of poor health if food choices impact your overall diet quality.
  • Emotional eating is a learned behaviour, and you can unlearn these behaviours and build new habits.
  • Dieting makes emotional eating worse.