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This module is designed to educate pre- and post-menopausal women about the complex relationship between menopause and body weight. It aims to empower you to focus on building long-term health behaviours and to understand that your weight should not define your self-worth, nor should it be your primary focus when it comes to diet and exercise.

We’ll outline evidence-based information on why it’s best to focus on health and not weight and avoid that horrible diet cycle that increases risk of disordered eating and overall stress around food. This module will also offer practical guidance to help women navigate the challenges associated with menopause and body weight and help them achieve good long-term health and well-being.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how menopause effects overall body weight and body fat distribution in the body
  • Learn how weight and health are connected at this time in your life
  • Learn the key considerations with losing weight post-menopause
  • Learn the benefits of taking a health first approach