Are you looking for a way to actually stick to a healthy diet long term? Have you tried EVERYTHING and still feel like you’ve failed?

It’s a super common feeling fuelled by our culture where there is immense, unrelenting pressure to lose weight as fast as possible, all while we’re surrounded by food.

We understand! It’s exhausting riding the dieting train, starting a diet each Monday, only to fall off the wagon by Friday and then start again next Monday. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for years without success, you might be feeling like you have no idea what it means to eat if you’re not trying to lose weight. It consumes your thoughts and takes over your life.

If this is you we really want to help!

A few years ago we created a habit building program which sold out in 3 weeks! Since then it’s grown bigger and better. It’s received grants, investment and our CEO, Kate Freeman, was a finalist in the Canberra business awards for it and a few years later went on to win Canberra Business Woman of the year.

We’re all about empowering you to apply nutrition advice to your everyday life! We don’t give you a special diet, a meal plan or specific food philosophy (like keto, fasting or raw). We simply equip you with the key fundamentals of good nutrition and then give you everything you need to take action and find a healthy eating pattern that you can follow long term.

How good would it be to hook up to a habit building machine and come out the end with habits that support healthy eating long term? That’s what we’ve created and if you commit to the process it will transform the way you approach food for the rest of your life!

This is the first post in an 8 week series explaining our mission and why we’ve stepped out to offer this new service. We’re so passionate about changing the way our members think and feel about food, that we’ve decided to buck the traditional trend of an online program with their prescriptive meal plans and structured workouts and give you guys something that will set you up for LONG TERM success.

We know that one meal plan is not enough to help someone make long term change. Ongoing education, one-on-one support and habit building does get results and we want to show you how!

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